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Best Diet For Weight Loss

June 10, 2014 |

Are you currently watching your weight and planning to follow a diet plan? Then you are in the right place. There are a lot of diets that can help you to tremendously reduce your body weight without necessarily visiting a nutritionist. Your body becomes what and how you want it to be thus the following is a list of diets you can adhere to in order to shed off up to five pounds under a month’s time. They include:best diet for weight loss

· Weight watchers diet

This is the type of dieting in which the diet followers eat whatever they want ,provided that they stick to their daily target, they are based on gender, weight, height, and age. Among the foods that fall into this category of diet are bolognas which normally have very high point values meaning they should be taken in small quantities or less often and fruits which have low point values meaning they should be eaten in large quantities since they are very high in fiber content.

· Raw food diet

There are quite a number of variations of raw food diet, one has the mandate to choose and adapt to any one. This category has the best diet for weight loss. This diet grouping ranges from raw animal products like milk, fish, and raw meat of certain kinds, to uncooked fruits and vegetables, sprouts, seeds and raw almond butter. Freshly squeezed vegetable juice and green tea also fall under this category.

· Volumetric s diet

This diet serves best on both long-term and short-term weight loss food category. Regardless of energy density of the food a person eats daily the volume of food taken on a daily basis remains unchanged. Thus in the volumetric category of weight loss diet the aim is to maintain the daily food intake and reduce the calories in them, hence it capitalize on those foods which have volumes but low on energy density. Fruits and vegetables best suits this category since they are rich in fiber content (low density foods)

· Atkins diet

Here, the aim is to progressively vary the intake of high density foods like carbohydrates until you attain the desired weight. It is among the best because it gives the body time to adopt and adjust to the changes it brings.

· Flexitarian diet

You will be good if you follow flexitarian diet. It is all about adding all the five groups of food into the diet. Diet plans are specified for each category of weight loss diets and one can follow it as it is or swap the diet list per week. This diet category will give the most perfect results if followed without omitting any step or content of the whole diet plan. It is also the most flexible and comfortable diet group since it will give the dieter a chance to chow down on a burger when urge grow stronger.

· Vegan diet

Going vegan will give the dieter the highest odds of losing weight since entirely what he or she will be taking will be low on calories and if a regular record of eating is maintained, one can achieve optimum results in only two weeks!

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